Second Party Prospect Investment

Second Party Prospect Investment


Our Premise


EBT is interested in participating in second party oil and gas prospects.  We believe that our MET survey technology can identify successful prospects and help rank drilling investment opportunities.  As the Drilling Results Chart shows (click here), our success is 81% when wells are located at MET recommended sites.  Using our MET technology, we can confirm the presence of hydrocarbons in your prospect.

Our Proposition


EBT seeks to participate in second party prospects by using our MET technology to survey over the prospect to determine the presence of a hydrocarbon anomaly.  If there is a hydrocarbon anomaly, the results of our MET survey indicate that the drilling location has a high probability of success.  If the MET survey and the prospect organizer provided Geologic, Geophysical, and financial data also support the prospect, then EBT would like to invest in the well by acquiring a small level of Working Interest (WI).


Our Requirements


1.) EBT is allowed to conduct a MET survey over the prospect.
2.) Our MET technology supports the well site.
3.) We are allowed to invest in a minority position in the well.
*** If the above conditions are acceptable, please send us a full investment package for our review and evaluation***