is a service provider of surface geo- microbial surveys for the oil and gas industry. For over 20 years EBT has delivered surface microbial geochemistry exploration surveys for the oil and gas industry with our proprietary hydrocarbon exploration process called the MET process (Microbial Exploration Technology), and has recently adapted the MET process to be used for uranium exploration as well. Located in  Lodi, California USA.  EBT has conducted MET surveys in over 10 countries covering over 17 million acres, with a MET-recommended well completion rate over 80% success worldwide and a dry hole prediction rate of 93%. MET surveys can be used for both on and offshore geo-microbial surveys, and has been used in a wide variety of environments; Canadian tundra, Ecuadorian rainforests, Peruvian deserts, and oceanic sediments. The MET process is also an environmentally friendly method of exploration, as there is no special equipment, chemicals, or explosives used during sample collection. The MET technology is able to judge the microbial populations of hydrocarbon degrading microbes present within the soils. Geo-microbial surveys are a cost effective way to survey over a large area. The MET process is cost effective, precise, accurate, and timely. A large scale MET survey, at maximun sample spacing can get analytical costs as low as $3-5 per acre (depending upon location characteristics and sampling densities), and often can take only 2-3 weeks to complete analysis, interpretation, graphics, and reports once the final sample shipment has arrived in EBTs laboratory. MET surveys are a useful tool when used in conjunction with seismic surveys. Geo-microbial surveys are able to identify surface anomalies, and when compared with the results of a seismic survey you would be able to see where surface signals correlate with sub-surface structures identified by the seismic survey. With only the seismic survey you would be able to identify sub-surface structures, but without the geo-microbial survey you would not know if the sub-surface structure is charged with hydrocarbons. Please browse our website and see how EBT can assist your exploration activities.
Environmental BioTechnologies Inc.(EBT)

Environmental BioTechnologies Inc. 

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