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Environmental BioTechnologies, Inc. (EBT) focuses on the development and application of biological based products, processes, and services for the industrial and environmental markets. EBT's core expertise in microbial physiology and applied microbiology support the following wide range of laboratory services:
  • Technology Development - site specific development of a remediation approach
  • Bioassessment Screening - Physical, chemical and biological screening tests to assess the feasibility of bioremediation
  • Bioparameters in monitoring the progress of a bioremediation project (pH, inorganic N, inorganic P, moisture content, microbial enumeration)
  • Treatability studies In situ soil and water columns
  • Landfarming operation
  • Slurry reactors
  • Bioreactors, bioventing, biosparging
  • Influence of contaminant on the physical, chemical and biological properties of soil
  • Field support - monitor ongoing decomposition rates
  • Bioaugmentation vs. biostimulation of the indigenous microorganisms
Before a bioremediation approach can be practiced in the field, it is important to obtain background information on the contaminated site because all sites vary in soil type, biological diversity, environmental conditions, and the type and amount of contamination. Therefore, through laboratory testing, EBT can provide the following basic information on the contaminated material: the contaminant concentration, the population density of the microorganisms, chemical and physical properties of the material (pH, nutrients, moisture content, etc.), the biodegradation potential with the application of nutrients.
EBT has extensive experience in conducting bench-scale treatability studies on the biodegradation of crude oil, diesel fuel, kerosene, and polyaromatic hydrocarbons. We provide these services at affordable prices, with rapid turn around time, and well written reports which provide data interpretation and recommendations.

Environmental BioTechnologies Inc. 

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