Corporate Profile


Environmental BioTechnologies Inc. (EBT) is a California C corporation that was founded in 1991. Starting in 1994 in collaboration with a Canadian oil company, EBT developed a proprietary geochemical based method (The MET Process) of using microbes to indicate the location of hydrocarbon micro seepages from oil and gas deposits. This technology was initially commercialized in Canada in 1997 after 3 years of developmental laboratory and field activities. For the past 13 years, EBT has been located in Lodi California and our primary business activity has been the application of the MET process for oil and gas exploration. EBT has completed approximately 13 million acres of MET survey work around the world in 10 countries for over 30 clients both on-shore and off-shore. EBT has surveyed over 3 million acres in Canada and over 700 wells have been drilled by industry inside our survey area. Of the 700 plus wells that have been drilled, EBT’s MET recommended wells have been completed at an 80% success rate. Industry has spent the last 15 years validating the accuracy of EBT’s MET technology in Canada. EBT is now in the process of acquiring and developing MET recommended prospects in Canada. We currently have over 100 undrilled MET prospects in Canada and are looking forward to becoming a small oil company in addition to maintaining world-wide exploration activities.