Hydrocarbon Confirmation

Prospect Hydrocarbon Confirmation

 We believe that the MET process can successfully identify and rank drilling prospects for our clients. As shown in the World-Wide Drilling Results table on the home page, our success is 81% when wells are located at MET recommended sites. Using our MET technology, we can confirm the presence of hydrocarbons in your prospect. This offers our clients an additional effective exploration tool that can mitigate the risks associated with drilling oil and gas wells. The results of a MET survey offer direct benefits to: 1) Companies organizing or operating drilling programs, 2) Landsmen evaluating land for either sale or purchase, 3) Regulatory agencies that manage mineral rights and, 4) Land owners interested in selling or leasing their mineral rights. MET surveys are customizable to meet our client’s individual and geographic needs. The only requirement is that EBT can collect and analyse a minimum of 100 samples. This is important for the MET process because of the statistical analysis of the data created in our lab to identify hydrocarbon anomalies and 100 samples is the minimum number of samples necessary to create the Percent Probability of Drilling Success Map and an adequate interpretation of the potential well site. Please look at several of the example site survey maps that we have generated below.