Industry Affiliates

TDI Brooks International - Offshore Acquisition


Since 2013 EBT has collaborated with TDI Brooks International, Inc. to offer comprehensive offshore geochemical exploration for the oil and gas industry.   For over 25 years TDI Brooks has specialized in conducting offshore surface geochemical exploration (SGE) and heat flow programs for the world’s leading petroleum producers, and has a large collection of SGE and heat flow program data from around the world available for sale.  TDI Brooks also has extensive experience in conducting offshore geotechnical coring/engineering programs, environmental assessments, metocean, site surveys and seabed surveys.  Their field services are supplemented by high quality environmental and geotechnical laboratories and five research vessels capable of working around world.  


World Leaders in Surface Geochemical Exploration - SGE studies worldwide since the early 1990s have been dominated by the technology that Dr. Brooks et al. developed at the Geochemical and Environmental Research Group (GERG) at Texas A&M University during the early 1980's.  Since 1996 TDI Brooks has collected over 18,000 offshore SGE and Heat Flow samples worldwide, and conducts private coring programs on a regular basis.


High Quality Analytical Laboratory Services – TDI Brooks also offers a number of analytical laboratory services suitable for a broad range of environmental, geochemical, and geotechnical applications.


For more information about TDI Brooks visit their website, or contact EBT directly.

CHRISTOHOUSTON ENERGY (CHE) - Oil and Gas Servicing Company

Exclusive EBT Marketing Agent - Africa


CHRISTO-HOUSTON ENERGY (C-Houston Energy) Incorporated is an oil and gas servicing company based in HOUSTON TEXAS United States of America.  The company in line with the policies of her foreign affiliate is registered for service provision in the Oil and Gas industry.  The company core areas of operations are Oil field services oil and gas equipment supplies, Engineering Design, Safety and Environmental Management, and Inspection Services.  By virtue of her unique position as American based company where high ethical standards and practice is the norm, CHRISTOHOUSTON ENERGY INC ensures that high standard in the working environment is maintained, with due diligence to statutory provision of the host community and regulating agencies.  The company ensures that jobs are done with maximum safety and health standards, and environmental degradation is not tolerated.  With a very strong financial base predicated on sound financial management and a team of experienced staff among the best in the industry, Christohouston Energy Limited execute jobs both major and ancillary with minimum delay. This is in recognition with the nature of Oil and Gas operation.


Experience That  Counts

For more than five years, Christo-Houston Energy Inc. has been offering quality services to our customers who utilize our services again and again. One of the things we thoroughly love is the experience of the job and being able to produce high quality products. When it comes to our customers, we offer integrity, timely services, and a professional atmosphere.  We are members of the Safety of Petroleum Engineers and ICOTA (The Intervention & Coiled Tubing Association).


To learn more about Chriso-Houston Energy visit their website at, or contact EBT directly.

Ingegol SAS - Colombian Affiliate



Engineering Projects and Geology


To achieve national and international recognition, being the number one company (1) in the field of engineering, topography and geology, keeping a team that meets international standards in experience and knowledge, thereby maintaining customer satisfaction.



Aware of the needs of the ever-changing market, the company INGEGOL SAS, presents innovative market solutions. Specializing in the Engineering, Geology, surveying and management, technological resources, based on standard rules and using technology; to guarantee that the implementation of our solutions are always based on the best practices of international standards.


To learn more about Ingegol SAS visit their website at, or contact EBT directly.

Condor Energy



Seismic Data Acquisition - Micro Seismic - Seismo Electronics - MicroBio Technology -

All Technical Best Solutions For Oil and Gas E&P


CONDOR ENERGY is a leader and specialized corporation that provides an innovative approach that implements the best, most recent technologies for exploration and development in the oil and gas industry.  Condor Energy works with the highest technology through the “Know How” ideology. The best from our corporation is reflected in favorable and tangible short and long term results. Condor Energy’s staff is integrated by highly qualified and recognized experts in the petroleum industry.  Condor Energy has presence in different countries, such as: United States, Mexico, Panama, and Peru.


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Uravan Minerals Inc.


Uranium Exploration


Since 2007 EBT has worked with Uravan Minerals Inc. (Uravan) to deliver a comprehensive and innovative technological approach for uranium exploration in the Athabasca Basin in Canada.  In that time, EBT and Uravan have worked together on four separate R&D technology confirmation surveys.  Two of the R&D surveys were conducted as pure exploration projects, and the other two surveys were conducted over known uranium deposits.  As a result, in 2014 a joint exploration effort between Uravan and Cameco Corporation (Cameco) is currently underway to explore the Stewardson Lake region of the Athabasca Basin in Canada that will again include EBT’s UR MET geochemical method of exploration in the first commercial application of the UR MET for uranium exploration.

Uravan Minerals is a Calgary based mineral exploration company that develops new innovative exploration technologies to identify buried uranium deposits in under-explored areas.  Their focus is the exploration for potential high-grade unconformity-related uranium deposits in the Athabasca and Thelon Basins in Canada.  Uravan’s principal assets are its Outer Ring, Matheson, Johannsen Lake, Stewardson Lake, and Halliday Lake uranium projects in the Athabasca Basin, the Garry Lake uranium project in the northeast Thelon Basin and the Rottenstone Nickel-Copper-Platinum Group Element (Ni-Cu-PGE) project, Saskatchewan.
Uravan is a publicly listed company on the TSX Venture Exchange under the trading symbol UVN.  All of the mineral properties Uravan owns are considered in the exploration stage of development. 
To learn more about Uravan Minerals visit their website at, or contact EBT directly.


Cepstrum Geophysical LLC



A Breakthrough in Seismic Imaging


CEPSTRUM GEOPHYSICAL is a seismic data imaging company, processing seismic data utilizing Cepstrum Technology software written by Dr. Eugene Lichman.  He perfected a Phase Inversion decon and many other processes that run in the Cepstrum Domain.  These Cepstrum tools dramatically improve the imaging of seismic data and create

2-D and 3-D volumes that lead to better and more precise interpretation.  From 2001 to present, Viking Petroleum and its partners have tested this technology with the drill bit, achieving a 76% wildcat success rate.


A Revolution in Deconvolution

Giving the Interpreter Reconnaissance tools for more efficient Exploration


  • Prestack Time Migration - the reprocessed PSTM data is more accurate than current conventional imaging available to the general industry.

  • Fluid Factor - indicates gas effect through a determination based on differences in p-wave and s-wave values and the density.

  • Hydrocarbon Indicator - a strong indicator of gas accumulations, resulting in differences in amplituderelative to increases or decreases in offset.

  • High Resolution Absorption Analysis - displays the speed with which the high frequencies are attenuated in the downgoing wave.  Especially valuable in imaging gas or oil filed stratigraghic traps.


To learn more about Cepstrum Geophysical visit their website at, or contact EBT directly.

Star Wisdom Technology Co. Ltd, Beijing

Chinese Affiliate


StarWisdom (Beijing) Technology Co. Ltd. is a high-tech enterprise registered in Beijing Zhongguancun Science Park. Relying on China University of Petroleum, China University of Geosciences, it forms the core management team by the professors and oil field senior experts and sets up department entities such as geological engineering, software technology, equipment and new technology R&D, etc. In virtue of the abundant software and hardware resources and the powerful scientific research strength of universities, the company is engaged in advanced technology and scientific research achievements transformation and devotes to be a high-tech companies integrated with a collection of production, study and research, providing services of oilfield exploration and development, seismic-geological comprehensive study, application software and intelligent control products programming based on the field requirement, various technical service and equipment offering for the oilfield exploitation and heavy oil development.


 StarWisdom has an exploration and development research team, composed of senior experts with rich work experience in oil field, well-known professors, associate professors, a batch of technicians with postdoctoral, PhD and Master Degrees, and doctoral and post-graduate students. The company owns a number of patented technologies and software products, possesses advanced technological advantages and strong personnel guarantee and scientific/efficient management system in the field of oil and gas exploration and development, can satisfy the hardware/software needs for exploration and development research projects. At the same time, it is also supported by the University’s State Key Laboratory of Petroleum Resources and Prospecting, with its various advanced instrument and equipment.


StareWisdom’s software technology team owns professional petroleum software design senior experts, with rich experience of large oilfield application software design and development. The software development team, which is composed of professionals of oil and gas exploration and development and talents of computer program design and programming, has several large software development experiences and is able to complete the large system software research and development with high quality and efficiency. Currently, we have completed multiple professional application software research and development with independent intellectual property rights.


To learn more about Star Wisdom Technology Co. Ltd, Beijing visit their website at, or contact EBT directly.